Will cockroaches be the death of us or our next meal?

Man dies after live cockroach-eating in Florida

More common than you think people are eating cockroaches. It has become common place to see people eat these critters in one competition or the next. Maybe the last time you saw this was on a popular TV show, Survivor or Fear Factor. But why wouldn’t you eat one? They are not toxic and are only harmful if they are contaminated (any food will do that) or you somehow have an allergic reaction – similar to that of shellfish (many folks have allergy). Look at the spread below on the left, doesn’t it remind you of your typical buffet, all you can eat diner? According to US News Travel the US is among several nation that eat insects.

Cockroaches to a victim – poetic justice?

Cockroach buffet style






Cool facts about Cockroaches

Now that I manage to gross you out I’ll share some interesting facts about these insects that will maybe help you to appreciate them more, courtesy of Discovery kids. (I said appreciate not like.) 
”6 — Number of legs on a cockroach 
 18 — Number of knees on most cockroaches (at least!) 
 40– Number of minutes cockroaches can hold their breath 
 75 — Percentage of time that cockroaches spend just resting (how lazy can you get?) 
 5,000 — Number of species of cockroaches worldwide 
 280 million+ — Years ago that cockroaches are thought to have originated (during the Carboniferous era)”.

Pretty interesting right?’ I won’t eat a cockroach, not willingly anyway and for many of you I think the sentiment is the same. Seriously, cockroach is synonymous with toilet, sewage, dirty alleys, basically anywhere that’s dirty, moldy and stink etc.If a health inspector sees roaches running around in a restaurant it gets closed, (I’d hope), you wont eat a meal you see a cockroach on, would you? Why on earth would I want to eat it otherwise – just not healthy in my opinion.

Despite how appealing it’s prepared let’s agree to disagree that at this point it’s a mental block on my part. Okay!

I still won’t do it, willingly.


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10 thoughts on “Will cockroaches be the death of us or our next meal?

    • True. Under what condition would you eat cockroaches? A million dollars? Or would you date a guy who eats cockroaches?

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