The big three and Social Media

Social media to many represents that annoying thing that causes people to interact less, drive carelessly, cheat, become someone else or waste valuable work time. All are true, but I would say inĀ  the world of social media there are introverts, reckless and unprofessional people. The point is social media shouldn’t be blame, think of the cliche, ” guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. Those labels of course only apply to people who do not use social media to help create a balanced life(style) or enhance whatever life they already have. Let’s look at three areas of our lives that shares (or should) a relationship with social media

  • Health – through the use of social media I have become much more aware of groups and non-profit organizations that are formed to support one cause or the other. Just as how we type in the names of people we want to find, we can type in the name of an ………. organization that the are interested in and voila! There is a place or group or event, surrounding something you are interested in; like a 5k walk to in support of breast cancer. Embrace the capabilities of the social media technology.
  • Technology – we use technology to access social media but we can in-turn use social media to learn about technology. We use Instagram help us take and edit pictures we put on social media but indirectly we learn to edit pictures. We walk away feeling better inside about ourselves; capturing our image just the way we would like it or edit it just the way we would like others to see it. It’s instant, it cost less than a hired photographer and you have no photo album or pictures laying around.
  • “Going Green”- so much is being said about going green these days and it seems that the majority of society is left out of the action. In talking about going green most of the focus is on major companies and corporations and many of us are yet to see the benefit especially in utility bills. Why don’t you join a local green group on Facebook or tweet your dissatisfaction about your energy bill. Better yet why don’t you start your own page or blog about doing something green, backyard gardening or composting.

I have a few ideas and many views to discuss with you on the big three and more and I’ll use my blog as the social media, medium to share the information with you.


8 thoughts on “The big three and Social Media

  1. yes, I believe that social media has effects on a lot of ways, its allowed people to connect across the world and also a good way to see whats going on around the world . social media can also help you demonstrate your expertise on topic .

    • Hello Cicelia. Thanks for your comment. As one who is in the Sciences are there any topics you would like to discuss or comments you’d like to make on the possible connection between social Media and Health?

  2. As a member of the NMDL class, I found this post to be intriguing. Social media is often used for negative things, as it seems negative news travels much faster than social responsibility, so to hear social media has impacted you positively is reassuring. I found an amazing advertisement to get rid of the ” #firstworldproblems” hashtag on Facebook and provided a reality check for the use social media.

    Here is the link if you want to read more:

    Great post!

    • I greatly appreciate your comment I questioned how appealing my blog would be seeing that I was not taking it along the gossip route. I’m now more encouraged to keep going with this. The New Media Drivers License class is one of the most important and effective class I have taken and I’m glad it gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and viewpoints with each other.

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